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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

#NewRelease -- A RANGER TO STAND WITH by James J. Griffin -- Giveaway!

Be sure and leave a comment to be entered in the drawing for James J. Griffin's ebook A RANGER TO STAND WITH from his Long Star Ranger series.


Texas Ranger Nate Stewart has been through a lot in his life—and his losses aren’t over yet. In the months that Nate has ridden with Captain Quincy and his Rangers, his best friend and pardner, Hoot Harrison, has been the rock Nate has depended on. But once beautiful Clarissa Hennessey comes into Hoot’s life, she sets out to destroy the friendship between the two young Rangers.

When the chips are down and Black Dog’s raiders attack the Hennessey ranch, there’s bound to be bloodshed and lives lost. Will Clarissa divide Hoot and Nate forever, or can Hoot prove that he’s A RANGER TO STAND WITH?


     “Sure. Listen, Mister, take out your gun, slow and easy, and hand it to me, butt first,” Nate ordered. “No false moves, or I’ll drop you right where you stand.”
    “Okay. Okay, Ranger. You’ve got me, all right. I’ll go peaceable like. Just don’t shoot me,” Jeb pleaded. He took the gun from his holster, then held it out to Nate, butt first. When Nate reached for it, Jeb, whose trigger finger, unnoticed by Nate, was in the trigger guard, spun the gun level, thumbed back the hammer, and pulled the trigger. A wad of cardboard slammed into Nate’s stomach, with enough impact to drive him backward and double him over. Gasping for breath, Nate fell to the dirt.
    “And you just got yourself plugged in the gut and killed, Nate,” Jeb said. “That’s called the road agent’s spin. No one knows for certain who first came up with it, but it’s cost many a lawman his life.     You never, ever ask a man to hand you his gun butt first. It’s a sure way to get killed. Either tell him to unbuckle his gunbelt and drop it, or take his gun out of the holster with two fingers, then drop it. Unless, like what just happened, you want a bullet in your stomach. Lesson learned?”
    “Lesson learned,” Nate said. “I don’t reckon I’ll ever forget it, neither.”

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  1. Hey, Jim, congratulations on Lone Star Ranger #5! I have enjoyed each and every one of these stories of yours about Nate Stewart and his adventures--great entertainment for teens through adult readers!

    Can't wait to see what's coming up for #6-- A RANGER GONE BAD. The title has me intrigued!


  2. I never would have thought of that (about handing a gun over butt first). I'd be dead. I guess that was definitely a lesson learned. Who doesn't love a Ranger, for Pete's sake? Loved the excerpt, Jim...along with that important lesson. All the very best to you.

  3. Some folks claim the road agent's spin was invented by notorious Texas gunman and killer John Wesley Hardin, but there's no proof of that. Hey, I commented. Can I win a copy? LOL

  4. Jim,
    I am so thrilled you are continuing Nate's great story. Best of luck to you. Doris

  5. Congratulations Jim for yet another completion of your ongoing passion for writing about the adventures of the Texas Rangers. The characters involved bring to life the the experiences they encounter. Nate couldn't have gotten a better break in his life, being rescued by the Rangers. Keep up the good work! All my best ~

  6. Thanks, everyone. Look for A RANGER GONE BAD this summer.