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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Just in Time for Christmas -- New Release -- A COVEY OF QUAIL by RIchard Prosch -- Giveaway!

The Jo Harper series continues with an exciting new holiday story. Richard Prosch is giving away one free ecopy of A Covey of Quail to one lucky person who comments, so be sure and leave your contact information.  


He came to Willowby every Christmas, an Arapaho boy looking for something, looking for someone. The first thing Stranger Cat found in 1910 was Jake Trail’s bullets, the next thing he found was a family of friends. But then the weather turned bad, and Jo Harper would have to rely on everything she’d learned as Deputy Constable to lead her covey to safety and, just maybe, a Christmas miracle.

Jo Harper leads her friends straight into the coyote’s den and a Christmas miracle!

    Almost immediately, the teacher had Emily by the collar in one hand and Jo in the other. "I'm ashamed such nonsense is taking place on school property. I might have expected something like this of Frog Beemer. He's just a boy after all. But young ladies like you, Miss Jo Harper. And you, Miss Emily Bly. I expect so much more from you!" 
    Frog couldn't help but smile to himself. Mrs. Salamander was really laying it on thick.
    "And so close to Christmas Eve. Why...uh...girls? Are you listening to me?"
    Just like his teacher, Frog realized the girls weren't listening, at all. In fact, the attention of all four had been drawn away by the figure walking up behind them.
    Sneaking up!
    It was the Indian. Stranger Cat. But he was limping. He was hurt.
    "Excuse me," he said. "I seem to be...killed."

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  1. Richard, if I could, I'd send everyone I know a copy of these stories of yours. You have a wonderful voice that just resonates in the telling of these Jo Harper tales and I am SO glad you decided to write them! Since I always love Christmas stories, this was one of my favorites. I couldn't see how you were going to bring everything right by the end, but of course, you did and it was wonderful. Love your characters and love your storytelling!

  2. Thanks Cheryl! The times Jo lives in are full of potential stories. It was a time of such wonderful change. Then, like now, some embraced it and some held tight to a more wild West. I can't wait to see what happens next in Willowby!

  3. Hi Richard and Cheryl,
    Richard, your Jo Harper stories sound wonderful. I'm very curious about Stranger Cat. Congrats on your new release. Happy Thanksgiving to both you and Cheryl.

    1. Thanks Liette, Stranger Cat is a complex character, and I hope he returns at some point in the future.

  4. Your books sound wonderful, especially this new one. The cover is very striking, too. Much luck with your series.

    1. Thank you Celia! It was fun to write a Christmas story, especially with these characters!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Randy! It's fun to have an established set of characters and a setting where I can intro new characters and ideas. I sometimes think of it like it's an old-fashioned weekly TV western.

  6. Celia Yeary is the winner of the free copy of A COVEY OF QUAIL! Thanks to everybody who commented. Much appreciated! Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

  7. Sounds interesting. I am going to have to check out this series. I enjoy Christmas stories and add new ones to my collection every year.